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Sidney Watson

As someone who has studied philosophy, literature, and (unfortunately) Theology, this Sidney Watson copywriter found the switch to reviewing Online Slots very easy to make and earn at the same time. For five years, he worked as an iGaming executive in PAGCOR before joining the PanaloKO team in 2021. He learned his skills from Shakespeare to the standard lengthy earnings letter.

Sidney Watson writes an average of a crime/thriller novel each month, and her incredibly sharp pen is both adored and respected by industry players. Her reviews are honest, fair, and to the particular, and in her free time, she enjoys traveling, reading, watching movies, and delving into various internet rabbit holes to master new skills.

This copywriter’s mix of creative thinking and adventure makes her a distinct and interesting character. Whether she’s writing, planning her next vacation, or simply sipping cocktails with friends, Sidney adds energy and enthusiasm to everything she does. This is clearly evident in her reviews, which can be seen across the website.

Sidney Watson Skills

  • 5+ years of iGaming (Casino and Slot Review) expertise.
  • Slot Review Specialist, with over 2,000 reviews every year.
  • Master’s Degree in Literature from the University of Sto Tomas.
  • Clear, concise word of the supernatural with almost no spelling problems.
  • SEO expert with a strong attention to detail and a player-centric approach.

Professional Experience

personal experience

After moving to the Philippines in 2015, Sidney Watson worked as a writer for CNN for three years. Sidney is a very skilled and prolific content writer; since then, she has been doing freelance work for companies like CNN and Manila Bulletin.



Slot reviews are Sidney’s current obsession, though he has written extensively about casinos in the past. Although her primary focus is on online slot machines, she has written extensively on a wide range of Online Gaming topics throughout the years.



From 2002 to 2009, Sidney earned a Master of Arts in Literature from the University of Sto Tomas, where he also began studying aesthetics. A Bachelor of Philosophy degree is also in her possession. Her diverse experiences have made her a gifted writer who approaches her work from a wide variety of fresh perspectives.

Interesting Facts About Our Author, Sidney Watson

interesting facts about sidney watson

Favorite Slot: African Quest (great soundtrack and amazing Shoot Out Free Spins round).

Favorite Developer: Microgaming (has transformed the online slots experience in a daring and volatile way, as well as outstanding math models, transparency, and storytelling).

Hobbies include conspiratorial thinking and other internet rabbit holes, pool play, craft beer sampling, and books/courses on storytelling structures.

Favorite films include Stand By Me, Terminator 2, Avengers, and Superman.

Most proud of the Finishing article that she doesn’t know too much.


In the realm of online slot reviews, Sidney emerges as a distinctive and influential figure, seamlessly blending a rich background of responsible gambling games. With a masterful command over language, Sidney’s reviews, characterized by honesty, fairness, and conciseness, have become a benchmark within the industry. Sidney stands as a beacon in the literary landscape, leaving an indelible mark through insightful online slot reviews, a commitment to creative expression, and an enduring passion for exploration. The PanaloKO team is undoubtedly enriched by Sidney’s presence and the broader literary community benefits from the unique and valuable contributions made by this accomplished writer and reviewer.

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