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Live sic bo

Live Sic Bo, an enticing dice game from ancient China, has found its way into the current world of online gambling. Sic Bo’s fast-paced gameplay, clear rules, and intriguing betting choices have earned it a devoted following among players looking for possible rewards. In this in-depth review, we delve into the complexities of Live Sic Bo, finding its history, rules, techniques, and the thrilling sensation it provides to lovers worldwide.

About Sic Bo

The dice game Sic Bo is played with three dice, and there are many ways to bet. Some bets even have win increases. The game is somewhat like craps or roulette in terms of how it feels to play.

About sic bo

Many Asians love to play this classic card game. In Macau casinos, it’s the second most popular game after Baccarat.

You can now find the game in restaurants in the United States and the United Kingdom. It was first played in China.

This game is called “Dice Pair” in Chinese. It is also called “Big and Small” or “Hi-Lo.” It’s only called Sic Bo in real-money internet casinos.

It’s a simple game. The person thinks about what will happen when the three dice are rolled. They try to guess things like whether the number will be odd or even, small or large, whether a certain number will come up, what the totals will be, and many other things. This is the fun part of Sic Bo.

Types of Live Sic Bo Betting

Types of live sic bo betting

You can wager on a variety of number combinations; the majority of this page will describe them. If you’re a frequent Sic Bo player, you’ll note that some of the wagers you’d place at the casino aren’t represented here. This article is about Live Dealer Sic Bo, and it has been somewhat changed for play at Internet live casinos.

If you’d like more information, you can play this at our PanaloKO Casino.

Small / Big Bets

In the realm of Live Sic Bo, players can engage in the classic Small or Big bets. By predicting whether the total of three dice will fall between 4 and 10 (Small) or between 11 and 17 (Big), players immerse themselves in the thrill of anticipation. However, it’s important to note that if three of a kind are rolled, both Small and Big bets result in losses, adding an element of suspense to every roll.

Number Bet

For aficionados seeking to delve deeper into the intricacies of Live Sic Bo, the Number Bet presents an intriguing option. By wagering on a specific number and its frequency of appearance across the three dice, players can enjoy varying payouts based on the number of matches achieved – a testament to the game’s versatility and potential for lucrative rewards.

Pair (or Combination) Bet

The Pair gamble adds a strategic aspect to the game by allowing bettors to gamble on 15 possible two-dice combinations from a total of three. Whether it’s predicting the appearance of One and Two or Five and Six, each successful prediction brings players closer to victory, highlighting the importance of tactical decision-making in Live Sic Bo.

Total Bet

For those drawn to the allure of mathematical precision, the Total Bet offers a captivating avenue for exploration. By placing bets on the sum total of the three dice, players can immerse themselves in a world of probabilities and payouts, with each number offering a unique ratio of risk and reward, adding layers of complexity to the gameplay experience.

Double (or Domino) Bet

Elevating the excitement to new heights, the Double Bet beckons players to predict the appearance of a specific pair within the three dice. Whether it’s a pair of Fours or a pair of Fives, each successful outcome amplifies the adrenaline rush, culminating in a gratifying payout of 10:1.

Triple Bet

For the bold and adventurous, the Triple Bet presents an opportunity to wager on the appearance of a specific three-of-a-kind combination within the three dice. Whether it’s the elusive trio of Threes or the formidable triplet of Sixes, each successful prediction heralds triumph and rewards, cementing the player’s prowess in the realm of Live Sic Bo.

Any Triple

Diving into the realm of uncertainty, the Any Triple bet invites players to embrace the unknown and wager on the occurrence of any triple within the three dice. With anticipation hanging in the air, every roll holds the promise of excitement and unpredictability, making each gameplay session a thrilling adventure.

Sic Bo Payouts

There are two key points to comprehend regarding Sic Bo’s betting. One is the potential reward if you win, and the other is the probability of winning. RTP is another aspect that can vary between bets and Sic Bo tables.

In general, the payoff is inversely proportionate to the likelihood that the wager will win. In other words, the payment increases as the likelihood of winning decreases.

The table below includes industry-standard Sic Bo payouts. Take note that some tables periodically provide lower prizes. Check the Sic Bo odds of a table before you begin playing. We do not advocate playing with odds lower than those indicated here.

Sic bo payouts

Playing Sic Bo does not need much understanding, but players should review the paytable to determine the best odds and wagers to place. When playing a live dealer game, the paytable is presented; however, it is also visible when playing free and standard online games.

It’s crucial to note that not all Sic Bo bets are the same. The winning probability/payout ratio is not always good. Our Sic Bo strategy guide provides a deep look at Sic Bo RTP.

Live Sic Bo Providers

Live sic bo providers

Various live casino developers offer Sic Bo, catering to the growing demand for online live dealer games. Here’s an overview of what each provider offers:

  • Playtech Sic Bo: Known for its traditional interface, Playtech streams Sic Bo from its studios in Manila, Philippines. Players can choose between full-screen or mixed-mode camera views. The game features a pink table baize and utilizes a clear domed dice shaker.
  • Evolution Super Sic Bo: Evolution Gaming elevates Sic Bo with random payout multipliers added to the betting grid after bets close. Multipliers can reach up to 1000x, enhancing potential winnings. The studio, located in Riga, Latvia, features an Asian-themed set with red and gold accents. The game is automated, including dice shaking in a sealed glass dome.
  • Pragmatic Play Mega Sic Bo: Pragmatic Play introduces win multipliers of up to 1000x, applied randomly to the betting grid after betting ends. Each betting option has a designated multiplier range. Pragmatic Sic Bo offers competitive payouts without multipliers.
  • Ezugi Sic Bo and Ultimate Sic Bo: Ezugi’s standard Sic Bo game features three dice and a standard paytable. Ultimate Sic Bo enhances the experience with multiplier payouts on selected bet positions, reaching a maximum payout of 999:1.

All these versions are available at PanaloKO online casinos, offering players a diverse range of Sic Bo experiences to enjoy.

Top 5 Sic Bo Tips and Tricks

Sic bo tips and tricks

Here are refined tips and strategies for playing Sic Bo:

1. Understanding Probabilities and Payouts

Familiarize yourself with Sic Bo odds and payouts. Different bets offer varying probabilities and rewards. Stick to bets with better odds and returns to enhance your chances of winning.

2. Focus on Even-Money Bets

Long-term success often lies in even-money bets like Big/Small or Odd/Even. These bets consistently offer 1:1 returns and have a high Return to Player (RTP) rate, making them a safer choice compared to others.

3. Choose Tables with Favorable Odds

Look for live casino tables or software providers offering better payout odds. Pay attention to specific payouts like triples, doubles, and dice combinations, aiming for higher returns to maximize your winnings.

4. Utilize Casino Bonuses Wisely

While Sic Bo might not offer a direct edge against the house, leveraging casino bonuses can extend your bankroll. Look for bonuses, rebates, or cashback offers to mitigate losses and increase your overall expected value.

5. Understand Betting Systems

Even though betting methods won’t change your long-term success, they can help you keep track of your money better. If you want to bet in a structured way, you could use Martingale or Oscar’s Grind. But remember to keep your goals realistic and know when to stop to avoid big losses.


Live Sic Bo is an online game with a real player that is based on the Asian card game Sic Bo.

Yes, most online casinos offering Live Sic Bo also provide mobile compatibility, allowing players to enjoy the game on smartphones and tablets.

Responsible online casinos have their games audited by independent testing firms to ensure fairness and openness. To check the casino’s offerings, look for eCOGRA or iTech Labs accreditation.


Live Sic Bo exemplifies the marriage of history and modernity, providing players with a thrilling combination of traditional gameplay and cutting-edge technology. Its simplicity, along with the possibility for large prizes, makes it popular among both casual and experienced gamblers. Whether you’re drawn to the adrenaline of a dice throw or the companionship of live interaction, Sic Bo provides an intense gaming experience that continues to fascinate audiences around the world.

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